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Our Story

The capacity of the Accra Sports Stadium is 40,000 people. The number of young people living on the streets of Accra is 90,000, more than twice the capacity of the Accra Sports Stadium. Every day, 90,000 youth are at the mercy of the weather, and every night they are at the mercy of unscrupulous adults. Children on the streets are at the very bottom of society’s ladder and often have no one to speak on their behalf.

At the Village of Hope, through Hope Training Institute, our duty to these young people is to give them love, teach them about Jesus, feed and clothe them, provide them with a skill, instill discipline in them, reconcile them with their families, and equip them for a better future. In our efforts to become more self-supporting and make the work sustainable, we have created the “Off the Street by Village of Hope (OTS by VOH)” brand through which the products that the past trainees, instructors and current trainees make are sold to raise funds for the work.

The repair process of a child who has faced the harshness of street life is a slow and difficult one, but each small step forward keeps us going. Supporting this work by ordering products for personal use, for events, and as gifts to others, means supporting the training and rehabilitation of a street child. Each purchase of an OTS by VOH product means helping a former street child to learn valuable skills and to continue earning an income from the skills received at Hope Training Institute. Join us to equip them for eternity!

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